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i hope you all find someone who will never emotionally, mentally  or physically abuse you, and will always be committed to and honest with you. cute stuff are cool, but being in a healthy relationship is much more important.

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They say to
things from your life
that are hurting you.
Medically speaking
this is not
‘just to be safe,’
this was
a last resort.
You are killing

Michelle K., My Last Words. (via michellekpoems)

08.17.14 959
June 27, 2013
When you sat me down and said you needed to talk to me, I knew that it would happen. With every word that came out of your mouth, I fell back and I fell harder into you. For the last year, it’s been a never ending circle with us that never seems to go anywhere else. We fuck up, we apologize, we fuck, we fall, we get scared, we leave. Over and over again, like you’re my favorite book and I just need to keep rereading and analyzing every word to make sure there wasn’t something I’ve missed. Every time I put the book down, there’s an unsettling feeling. “This isn’t how the ending is supposed to turn out.” I tell myself. And I open it again and again, and I fall in love with the same story I read so long ago, I pick up on hidden things I didn’t quite catch the first time. But, even though, it’s the same story, the same plot line, the same characters. I still fall so hard for the book, that you are. I can’t stop rereading you. I will not put you down until the story ends like we both know it should. I’d choose your insanity over stability. I didn’t know what hope was like, until I found you. I didn’t know what true hurt was like until I realized I hurt you. When I found you, I found a whole different story. One I had never dared to open before. Why I opened it for you? I’ll never know. At least not right now.
Your best friend, he tells you, “If you won’t claim her as she is, one day someone will. She’ll leave without looking back. Your apologies will have no affect on her, she won’t even blink. She’ll just be gone.” I never want to get to that point. Where I look at you and you mean nothing, where my heart doesn’t go mad when you speak my name, when your name comes up and I don’t even blink an eye. When someone brings up your name, I want to smile and know I have you, that you’re mine. And when you speak my name, I want to look into your eyes and I want you to know I love you. I want it to be unspoken, but so very obvious. I want to prove to everyone, that they were wrong. We’ll make it one day or another. I feel like we’re close to a break through. Only time will tell, and I’ll be the first to say, that you will never be a waste of my time. If it’s you I’m waiting on, then I will wait.

And now I’m gone || abd (via openribcages)

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I needed you to want me
when I did not
want myself.

I loved the way you
killed me in the most delicate
ways, without
leaving scars.

Consume me.
Crush me and breathe in.
I am cocaine.
I am codeine.
I am going to kill you.

You are going to be
the death of me.

Michelle K., Ways in Which I Used You. (via michellekpoems)

08.17.14 1375
I had
fallen in love
with the way he
broke my heart and
ripped my soul.

Michelle K., That Was Not Love. (via michellekpoems)

08.17.14 3392
You’ve gone from being the most beautiful person I knew, to the ugliest memory I have, and there’s something very sad about that.

— I hope I find the person I thought you were (via c0ffeekitten)

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Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.

— Russian Proverb (via justechoesoffthewall)

05.18.14 2139
I’m not upset that you lied to me- I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.

— Friedrich Nietzsche (via leotard-yeti)

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